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While you're at the Diamond & Casino Resort, take a moment to speak to the cashier and collect your free daily allowance of 1,000 Chips. You can bank this or convert it into cash, and while it doesn't amount to much, every little helps at this stage of the game.

Rakuten gives users coupons, promo codes, and cash back for shopping at Macy’s, Nike, Best Buy, QVC, and more than 2,500 other retailers. The Rakuten app gets 4.8 stars from 138.k ratings. “Not only have they helped me score some hidden sales, but I have also gotten cash back on rock bottom prices,” one satisfied customer says.

Always Have Stock.

Another character who will contact you while you're minding your own business in GTA Online is Maude, who you may be familiar with from the single player campaign of GTA 5. She'll tell you about a bunch of Bounty Targets, and will email you a mugshot so you can locate them. There are 20 Bounty Targets in total in the game, and you'll be contacted about five randomly.
It’s also possible to cross-sell some digital products at the end of the event. This is a pro tip recommended by Navid Moazzez, a virtual summit expert who made $60,000 in his first event.

“The market is harsh. You’ll know very quickly whether what you bring to the table is something that is paramount for success. But don’t lose sight, especially when times get tough, because it will be worth it eventually,” said Sikhakollu.
“He never got the business to the point where I can actually take it over,” Petreeko said. “He never had a physical product or even electronic product that I could even see or go, ‘All right, I can get on board with this.’ He just put excuses after excuses.”