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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about making money as a blogger.
The paintings are worth checking out — as are the videos of Simmons painting in a smock and talking to the camera (“I’m Gene Simmons, and believe it or not, I paint”) — if only as reassurance that an enormously wealthy 72-year-old still needs hobbies. But as Simmons put it: “Life is business and business is art, and the best art is doing great business and the best business is doing great art, vice versa.” So for our purposes, we’ll focus on the real art — the business. Here’s what Simmons said about that:


Another issue is employers still tend to see part-time staff as more dispensable than their full-time colleagues. Anecdotally, we are hearing part-timers are the first to be let go.
Still, an arbitrator overseeing King’s case against Davis with the American Arbitration Association wrote Davis “intentionally misrepresented that he made $50,000.00 per day and millions in total by affiliate marketing” and that “he would provide services that would immediately generate income.”
But those conversations miss a much more consequential point. The true significance isn’t what we are leaving; it’s what we are going toward. In a surprising phenomenon, people are not just abandoning jobs but switching professions. This is a radical re-assessment of our careers, a great reset in how we think about work. A Pew survey in January found that 66% of unemployed people have seriously considered changing occupations—and significantly, that phenomenon is common to those at every income level, not just the privileged high earners. A third of those surveyed have started taking courses or job retraining. Pew doesn’t have comparable earlier data, but in a 2016 survey, about 80% of people reported being somewhat or very satisfied with their jobs.