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They should also remember to only loot high-value primary targets, such as the Pink Diamond, and redo the scope out mission in case of low-value items. Completing this heist will reward the player over $2 million in GTA Online.
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“If someone’s raising their hand and saying there’s a labor shortage, my answer is, are you paying them a fair wage? Are you giving them employee health care benefits? Are you taking care of people?” she said. “I think the model is different now. People don’t just show up and work. You need to make sure that you’re invested in them.”
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Martin: 'Young people are professionals at learning. If you want to break the cycle of debt, they're the best place to start'

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Examples include an organizational blog providing a printable cleaning schedule, or a home decor blog offering printable labels for decoupage canisters. These are items that your audience would not typically have access to and are exclusive to your creative line.