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More than 10 states have laws set to go into effect Thursday that would have undercut existing NCAA rules regarding such compensation for athletes.

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These could be inbound calls that are often about customer requests and complaints. Or you may perform outbound calls for client reminders and promos.
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Then there’s perhaps the most nefarious mistake monetization tactic, “dark pattern” designs on websites and mobile apps. They actually encourage customer errors by strategically sizing buttons and links to get users to do things they didn’t intend – such as selecting looser privacy protections on a social media platform or making recurring contributions on a political campaign website.
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And even without any official support from Twitch, YouTube or another platform, you’ll be able to accept donations from fans, sell T-shirts emblazoned with your catchphrase and solicit sponsorships from headphone manufacturers and game publishers.
'Clinging on to disappearing jobs'